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 The snake three rounds around Lord Shiva's neck depicts future, present and past.That states that Lord Shiva is 

Independent of Time and controls time and death.

 the serpent is a symbol of alertness. To express this state of consciousness also, a snake is shown around Shiva’s neck.

the serpent on Shiva’s neck represent the endless cycle of birth and regeneration.Another symbolism is that the snake

 on neck represents ego which once controlled can be worn as an ornament

The snake around the neck of Siva conveys the meaning that in him the kundalini not only has arisen fully but is also 

actively involved in the divine activity.The snake also stands for all passions and desires. By wearing the snakes around 

his neck, Lord Siva conveys  He has overcome all desires and is in full control of 

Prakriti, or maya . The snake looking in the right direction of Lord Shiva signifies that 

the Lord's perpetual laws of reason and justice preserve natural order in the universe.